The Ultimate List of Google Analytics and GTM blogs to follow

Last Updated: 1st of Dec 2020

Digital Analytics is a very fast-paced industry, and to be on top of your game you need to know what is happening all the time. In MTR (that’s what we call ourselves) we have created the ULTIMATE list of blog and experts to follow. There is no specific order to the mentioned experts, so no preferences there.

Google Analytics Experts to Follow

  1. Google Analytics Official Blog – The first resource that should always be on your radar is Google’s Official Blog. They don’t get into much detail, but still, it’s the first place to get the freshest updates.

  2. Simo Ahava – is the godfather of GTM optimization. On his blog, he explains in a very technical and detailed way many aspects of Google Tag Manager Configuration
  3. Measureschool – is a great place to get from zero to hero in GTM and Google Analytics configuration. In his Youtube Channel Julian explains in details every aspect of GTM configuration.
  4. Analyticsmania – Is the go-to website if you want to learn Google Tag Manager, and has tons of free resources. For example, a good place to start learning GTM configuration is his free course, which can be accessed here.
  5. Jeffalytics – Written by as you guessed it, Jeff, is a gold mine of resources. He does not focus only on GTM but also gets into other aspects of analytics and marketing. Jeff is also a guy that you just enjoy listening to :).
  6. Bounteous – Previously known as Luna Metrics is a digital agency that focuses not only on Digital Analytics, however, they do write great content.
  7. Digishuffle – is written by Ritwik, who has some great content. We find his articles unique and refreshing. He concentrates more on the general Big Idea and does not go in to a lot of How To’s.
  8. Optimizesmart – has tons of useful guides. The content is uneven, but they do write an occasional great piece. The only things I would like them to change disable the anti-copying feature that prohibits text selections.
  9. Avinash Kaushnik – is the author of Web Analytics, the bible for all people doing Digital Analytics. We have a copy and highly recommend it. Currently, he does not focus exclusively on analytics but touches on other related content. If you want to know more about the state of the industry and the upcoming trends his blog is highly recommended.
  10. Online Metrics – has a good balance of articles focused on “How to’s” and general analytics topics. Definitely worth to add this site to your bookmarks.
  11. ConversionCode– is a great resource for long-form articles on Growth and CRO, written by our own Chris Stanislawek.

This article was written entirely based on the blogs we follow. If you feel that we should include someone else please drop us a message.

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