Analytics Consulting and Workshops

What is Analytics Consulting

According to various studies digital analytics is a key skill for marketers in the coming years. Not only reading and understanding data is important but also data structure, extraction and transformation. We have help companies big and small make sense of all the information that is being gathered and now we share our knowledge and know-how during consulting work and workshops.

How to know if you need analytics consulting or workshops?

Your company is growing and instead of establishing a relationship with an external agency you prefer to build a strong in-house team that can perform all needed analysis on collected data and draw conclusions. For these type of clients we prepare a dedicated workshop offer in which we tailor the featured topics to the company. The workshop usually takes one day.

Key analytics consulting and workshop elements

  • 1 on 1 consulting discussing specific real life problems and solutions
  • Personalized workshop to your company’s needs
  • Consulting project for Web Analytics
  • Skype Coaching and Live Consultations
  • Methodology and Processes Consulting

Reasons for ordering workshops and consulting work

  • Being stuck on a problem and cannot find a solution internally
  • Need of an external eye on internal issues
  • In-house team needs training
  • There is a need to implement processes and new approaches inside the company to resolve problems
  • Quick action is needed and internal resources are not enough to fullfill requirements

Why should you work with

  • Open Pay As You Go Analytics Contract – our contract is designed in a flexible manner. We Measure the time spent on your projects with Toggle, a time tracking tool that ensures precision.

  • No Minimum Hours Per Month – Our Contracts don’t have minimum Hours per month built into them.

  • Project Management and Direct Communication – For all our projects we set up an Asana project dashboard and a Slack communication channel. This helps us keep the projects going and ensures we can communicate quickly.

  • Transparency and Flexibility – At the end of the month you receive a detailed report with all the hours spent on your project. By following this link you can see an example of this report.