Analytics Reporting, Dashboards & Attribution

What is Analytics Reporting?

he key part of the analytical work is proper preparation of reports and dashboards based on the collected data, which allows to easily check the effectiveness of key performance indicators (KPIs) of your company. With the use of tools such as Google Data Studio and Google Sheets and Supermetrics, we can prepare reports that allow you to constantly verify the effectiveness of your site.

How to know if you need help with analytics reporting or dashboard creation?

our store sells many different products using the website, but you focus your marketing activities on a few key products and would like to know how in a given period of time these few products perform compared to others. In this case, using the data collected by Google Analytics, we would build a monthly report for you that would show what sales and interest in these products looked like. Thanks to such a report, you would be able to check how the sales trend and interest during the month have changed, which will allow you to assess whether your marketing activities have the right results or if you should change your strategy.

Key Reporting Activities

  • Reporting based on Google Analytics, Google Ads or your local data.
  • Creating Custom Dashboard in Google Analytics, Google Data Studio or Google Spreadsheets that are tailor made to your company’s needs
  • Reporting automation with Google Apps Scripts, APIs and external tools like Supermetrics.
  • Third-party data integration using APIs
  • Multiple Data Source Integration

Reasons for hiring reporting services and dashboard creation

  • Lack of knowledge about your website and organization performance.
  • No time to prepare needed reports
  • Lack of knowledge about your marketing performance
  • Willingness to know your users and their behaviors on your website
  • No unified process for preparing reports and dashboards
  • Lack of technical know-how related to creating reports and dashboards
  • Lack of resources inside the organization

Why should you work with

  • Open Pay As You Go Analytics Contract – our contract is designed in a flexible manner. You pay only for the time we spend working on your tasks. We Measure the time spent on your projects with Toggle, a time tracking tool that ensures precision and transparency.

  • No Minimum Hours Per Month – Our Contracts don’t have minimum Hours per month built into them.

  • Project Management and Direct Communication – For all our projects we set up an Asana project dashboard and a Slack communication channel. This helps us keep the projects going and ensures we can communicate quickly.

  • Transparency and Flexibility – At the end of the month you receive a detailed report with all the hours spent on your project. By following this link you can see an example of this report.