Web and Digital Analytics

What is Web and Digital Analytics

Web Analytics is a process that allows us to collect, process and analyze data about users behaviors on your website. With specialized analytical tool we can gathering and process those data, based on which we are able to analyze and draw conclusions that can help to make better business decisions.

How to know if you need a web analytics agency?

For example if you are an entrepreneur and selling your products via website store, probably You would like to know how many users visits your website from specific sources like your Google Ads or Facebook campaigns and organic traffic and which sources are responsible for the most of your revenue. In this case we would set up on your website an analytical tool eg. Google Analytics. Then after correct implementation of this tool and gathering appropriate amount of data, we would prepare reports and analysis about users behaviours with the insights that can help improve your website and marketing strategy.

Web analytics process and methodology

  • Set up analytical tool like Google Analytics. In case you already have Google Analytics set up we will make an audit of the implementation and provide corrections to be sure if the tracking is set up correctly.
  • Set up a goals conversions tracking. We will set up tracking your most important business goals, like purchases or sends of a contact forms. Then we will be able to measure outcomes of your website visitors behaviours.
  • Provide reporting and analysis of collected data. We will provide you reporting about users behaviours and outcomes, so you we will be able quickly check how your business grow and make better decisions.
    Based on insights from data we will be able to make an experiments and A/B tests which helps us improve your website and marketing strategy.
  • Competition analysis, to see how your company looks like against the competition and what they do better than you.

Reasons for hiring a Web Analytics Agency

  • Working in a multilingual or multidomain environment
  • Dispersed responsibility and control of your website analytics.
  • No unified process for implementation of new tracking and maintenance of already possessed analytical tool.
  • Lack of technical know-how related to web analytics tracking and analysis
  • Lack of resources inside the organization

Why should you work with metrics.agency

  • Open Pay As You Go Analytics Contract – our contract is designed in a flexible manner. We Measure the time spent on your projects with Toggle, a time tracking tool that ensures precision.

  • No Minimum Hours Per Month – Our Contracts don’t have minimum Hours per month built into them.

  • Project Management and Direct Communication – For all our projects we set up an Asana project dashboard and a Slack communication channel. This helps us keep the projects going and ensures we can communicate quickly.

  • Transparency and Flexibility – At the end of the month you receive a detailed report with all the hours spent on your project. By following this link you can see an example of this report.