BIG Google Analytics Update For Unified App and Web Analytics

Google just announced a new update to Google Analytics. To give you a brief overview of the changes here are the key points.

  1. Unified app and web analytics – is a gamechanger for companies that have separate properties in App + Web. Soon they will be connected and in result analyzing data will be easier.
  2. Easier event measurement – will simplify the process of tagging your website. You will not have put manual events for elements like scroll tracking, outbound links, video engagement, and file downloads. This means less time needed for GTM maintenance and more time for analysis.
  3. Cross-platform analysis – as the name says it will help with analyzing user behavior between the platforms and in results with saving time. A personal favorite of mine is the path analysis, which shows the events that users trigger on a path to conversion.

What does this mean for me?

As of now, you don’t have to worry. The property unification is in beta and for the moment applies only to Google Analytics 360 users that have web and app properties. In the future, this feature will be available for everybody that needs it.

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